6 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Sciatica Pain Treatment Private individual

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Best 6 homeopathy medicines for sciatica

Rhus tox – Rhustox can be given for sciatica pain if the following symptoms present

·         Pain over the back portion while standing from sitting position

·         Pain is more over back portion and thigh while starting to walk after prolonged sitting condition

·         Pain at the morning when waking up from bed

·         Pain is more on damp rainy weather

·         Pain is relieved by any warm application


·         There is cramping with mild burning pain from the lower back to knee

·         The pain on the affected part is felt more when walking or stooping

·         There is constipation tendency associated with sciatica pain

·         It is also a good remedy if there is more back pain than the leg portion associates with hemorrhoid  


·         Frequent Pain in calves of legs and feet felt when in bed.

·         Intense pain along the sciatic nerve from hip to calves muscles.

·         There is numbness alternates with pain.

·         Pain is slightly feel better when drawing the limbs up or flexing thigh on abdomen

Colocynth – These are the following symptoms for colocynth to give in sciatica

·         The back pain originate from lower back portion and traverse down ward

·         The back pain as though screwed in a vice on the affected parts 

·         The pain is little relieved by massage on the affected part

·         There is cramping sharp neuralgic pain from hip to knee or even to lower parts.

Magnesia Phos

·         The pain is more from hip to lower end of leg.

·         The pain comes suddenly when putting the step on the floor after a sitting position

·         The back pain is relieved by warm application

·         There severe cramping with neuralgic type pain in whole of the sciatica portion


·         There is severe excoriating pain in lower back of thigh which makes the patient cry out with pain

·         There is feeling of numbness of the legs and foot

·         The pain is worse if given warm application and in night

·         Any sort irritation or anger triggers the pain more